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Lucid Dreams of Little Monsters: Monstrinho Spotlight

Since the origin of graffiti, it has been done best in numbers. Graffiti crews have been an integral component of hip-hop…but this week’s feature is going to be a little different. This single guy is so remarkable that he deserves a special spotlight.

Michael “Monstrinho” Amorillo. (one member of the Get Vicious crew)

What makes Monstrinho interesting from the jump is his use of non-traditional colors. You would think that this kid’s favorite holiday was Easter or he was only given the neon-version Crayon box as a child. Either way his works feature a vibrancy that is unseen in most street art.

They say that electric blues are associated with a feeling of exhilaration. No wonder why I just thought I could fly…

Taste the rainbow.

Then there is the subject matter. Just imagine that Happy Feet moved to Brooklyn and had a baby with an owl from Jamaica…Penguins, bears, fish, birds or some mixture of all of them combined. What’s even more crazy about it is that each of these characters has a gaze as if they are..well let’s just say “elevated“.

It’s good to know though that this is some sort of Kandinsky-inspired message. Monstrinho’s work isn’t a purely aesthetic art form like Matisse with Fauvism. Monstrinho’s website states,

“Myriad messages can be interpreted from his characters: An octopus represents flexibility and the ability to adapt to multiple environments. Angel wings symbolize freedom and protection. Be it a painting or graffiti letters, the goal is for his art to evoke human emotion with a funky flow”.

He uses his art as a medium for people to tap into their innate sensations. Whether that be joy, anger or some other state of consciousness (as cued by the lowliness in Happy Feet’s eyes)…to each his own my brotha!

For me it is all about his artist mark. In other words his individual touch on the use of acrylic paint. Each line is very clean and crisp (but you know in kindergarten he was coloring outside of the lines and still does metaphorically speaking) and yet there is imaginatory feel to all of his work that takes you back to an illogical and youthful time when we didn’t try to rational the World. If he were to create a cartoon, adults and kids alike would be mesmerized.

Ya heard. But don’t take my word for it. Do some investigating yourself.

pssh: peep the pic I yanked off of his Facebook page

"I Will Protect You"

(Basquiat reference anyone?)


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