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Houstatlantavegas: A So Far Gone Commentary

Am I the only one that thinks Drake is absolutely everywhere?!

I mean he’s singing the hook on everyone’s songs. He just put out his album not too long ago and now he’s promoting his own artist (shoutout to the Weeknd) and he even his own clothing line.

“OVOXO ’til we overdose”, right?

It almost seems like he come out of nowhere overnight and blow up. But oh contrar my friend. For those of us who recall he actually began releasing music in 2006 and in 2007 he released a track with Trey Songz. But it wasn’t really until 2009 when he released his critically acclaimed EP “So Far Gone” that Drake became a household name.

The real question is though, what made this mixtape so different from all of his other previous releases? Well you know I have an answer. Quite simply it was the ambiance of the music.

The mixtape featured a dark, reflective, pensive and even romantic at times mood that has never been seen before within the realm of hip-hop. “So Far Gone” succeeded for the same reasons that Frank Ocean‘s “NostalgiaULTRA” (one of my personal favorites which I will expand on later and encourage you to download) has. Both mixtapes used very unique samples. Ranging from Santigold to Lykke Li, Kanye West, Jay-Z by way of the Isley Brothers and Peter Bjorn. When you listen to the collection of songs, one feels as if they have tapped into the mind of a young, eager man who is struggling to find his way amongst the lights and not get lost in the glitz.

And yes there are a lot of drug references…amongst the beautiful piano chords of course

The track that really propelled “So Far Gone” forward was “Best I Ever Had” which because the summer, ladies anthem of that year. Women finally got a chance to feel appreciated and not degraded. Gives me a warm, tingly feeling. That song provided a doorway for consumers to listen to the entire EP.

And then the ever obvious contribution that Drake’s “singing/rapping” provided. I can honestly say that I personally blame Drake for pushing the phenomena that is rappers singing…without autotone except he was actually good. What his singing added was a more vulnerable and emotional touch to things.

But his best lyrical performance yet is also here. He raps over Kanye West’s “Say You Will” beat on a track called “Say What’s Real” (a upcoming post will explain why these are his best bars in detail) but in short it is great because it is such an authentic monologue. You can listen here.

And it’s been beautiful for him ever since.

Finally Canada is actually good for something. Oh Canada…


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