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TOKiMONSTA: By Way of Japan…

Have you ever gone to a show just because a friend invited and you had no idea what you were seeing? But then you realize that you may have stumbled upon a jewel?

This very thing happened to me multiple times. My accidental discoveries include J. Cole, Matt & Kim, Wale, The Foreign Exchange and most recently Tokimonsta. I can’t even imagine my life without these artist.

Tokimonsta, for those who don’t know, is a southern Cali girl turned bomb DJ. And boy does she put on a show. Let’s just say I’d put my money on her before I would on Skrillex…yeah I said it!

She has expanded on her beauty and put skill behind it. She uses tracks ranging from Kanye West to the Weeknd to D’Angelo to Erykah Badu to create her mixes. Talk about variety.

The Weeknd, who I have mentioned in a previous post, even recently posted a video of her remixing his song on his blog.


Tokimonsta x The Weeknd

What makes her so special is that she is genuinely good at what she does. There is no gimmick attracting people to her shows. There is no Tokimonsta bandwagon (though I wouldn’t mind personally starting it and yes I am taking shots a someone). The people patronizing her shows have recognized true talent. It takes major skill to get up there and match tempos, beats, bpm’s and smoothly blend/match songs together.

It gets better. Most importantly she uses loads of underground artist in her mixes. You are more likely to hear A$AP Rocky than Chris Brown in her tracks. She puts shine on artist who don’t have the backing of major labels for promotion. And then her original material….more visceral than pop. More hallucinogenic and natural than electronic.

There are certain things in life that make your heart beat and her music is one of them.

(you can take a listen here) Toki Sounds

From one BAB to another, I am truly proud. #teamtoki


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  1. Great job on your posts. Keep up the good work. These pictures are awesome by the way.

    February 20, 2012 at 4:56 pm

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