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The Resurgence of Versace in Hip-Hop

I told myself that I would try and stay away from the style aspect of hip-hop but there is something on that needs to be recognized. Also this is the best time to do it since the 15th anniversary of the death of the Notorious B.I.G. (who I can faithfully credit for bringing Versace into hip-hop. Donatella herself even acknowledged this) is coming up this week. The resurgence of Versace in hip-hop. Now I’m not talking about simple, classic Versace suits. NO that would be too easy. I’m talking about rappers wearing those Tony Montana inspired brightly colored, patterned silk shirts. I have also seen more and more musicians wearing the designers sunglasses too.

Now I must admit that when I saw their line with H&M, I was incredibly turned off.

Tacky is not even the word.

But it is truly their classic pieces that have been Versace’s salvation. Let’s look at who did it best.

It all started with Biggie in 1996 in the “Hypnotize” video. Frankly this man made it cool for big guys to rock the brand. An obvious descendent of this trend is Rick Ross. I would post a picture of this within the post but it is too obscene you can see for yourself here or watch the “I’m On One” video here.


(from left to right) Don C, Drake, Tyga

Now this guy is probably my favorite when it comes to who wore it best.

In terms of sunglasses Big Sean definitely wins. I have seen both Tyga and Soulja Boy in recent videos wearing Versace sunglasses. Check the “Rack City” video here.

I like the idea. Versace is a premier Italian fashion house and the fact that these rappers recognize this and are, in a way, paying homage to their Versace wearing forefather is beautiful. Respect.

Don’t call it a comeback.

*** did a great (fuller) history of Versace in hip-hop. Take a look.


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