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Why Hip-Hop needs: The Cool Kids

This is the first part of the “Why Hip-Hop Needs” Series. This will features elements that hip-hop needs to stay the dynamic genre that it currently is.

So to begin, I’ll start with something that is near and dear to my heart, The Cool Kids.

A brief history: Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks, the former being from Detriot and the latter from Chicago, linked up and released the first album “The Bake Sale” in 2008. Then, due to a contract gone wrong, had to wait until 2011 when they released their second album “When Fish Ride Bicycles” independently. Straight up, these guys are dope.

But getting to the point, why are they important?

Well remember back to the golden age of hip-hop when kids where still skipping school and breakdancing on the subways? With boomboxes listening to Rakim? Well this is the feeling that these guys replicate. Chuck and Mikey are literally like the cool kids in school (pun intended) that would make beats in their basements afterschool and would DJ all the house parties. This is exactly what hip-hop needs right now.

Rappers are starting to get too serious and we, the consumers, need something that doesn’t talk about dealing drugs and fuckin’ bitches (i.e. 90% of rappers from Atlanta). But rather just two young guys having clean fun…well maybe with certain herbal substances.

Whether people don’t want to admit it or don’t release it, these guys were precursors to Odd Future. This is especially true in their spirit of youthfulness. Just some kids having fun (everyone just has different types of fun but I digress).

I appreciate them. In fact I have seen them three times and even met them when I was 17. Check out their “Black Mags” video from back in the day.

Peace and love.


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