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Why Hip-Hop Needs: N.E.R.D.

So you know Pharrell Williams but not N.E.R.D.? You’re joking. It’s okay though because I’m here to help you out.

N.E.R.D. stands for No one ever really dies. The group is composed of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley. They got together in 2001 blah blah blah….enough history. Time for the meat of the matter.

SO why does hip-hop need N.E.R.D.? Well if you have to ask then you must’ve not ever heard their music before.

I find them to be the bridge between hip-hop, rock and afro-punk. (yes afro-punk is real, there’s even a festival every year in NYC to celebrate it). Pharrell and Chad are known to most people in the hip-hop realm as the Neptunes. Two of the most respected producers currently active. These guys are essentially production geniuses. So what N.E.R.D. does for them is to provide an alternative outlet that is just THEIR music. It is not music that they are making for other artist but rather it is purely their artistry and the fact that they choose to express themselves in this manner versus any other way, i.e. gangsta rap, funk, soul music, speaks volumes.

Hip-hop needs them because they add diversity to the genre that few people are managing to be as successfully. Certainly they are more successful, sales wise at least, when they produce verses making their own music but its not about monetary success. It’s about self-expression and they are doing it freely and only because it is what they want to do.

Hip-hop is full of artist who are doing things because they believe it will bring them monetary success. And what they are doing may not necessarily be what is truly inside them to do. But in the case of N.E.R.D., I have faith that they are only creating this type of music on their volition. Hip-hop needs more artist like this. People who are doing what they want to do because they want to do it and for that reason alone.

The diversity aspect is also incredibly important because without diversity, hip-hop will no longer be dynamic and simply deflate. We need artist that balance everything out.

It’s that simple.

So if you haven’t listened before, you can check their website here. FYI “Seeing Sounds” is my favorite album of theirs. Cra-zay production.

Talk about a good time. Get excited about your life.


What if your favorite musician was a painter?

So I wanted to try something cool an integrate two worlds that don’t meet enough. Fine art and hip-hop. How you ever thought about what it would be like if your favorite rapper was a painter? It’s ok, I already thought about it for you. Now I am not a modern art expert but I do have a strong general kowledge. Here is it:

Kanye West=Jean-Michel Basquiat

Its an obvious correlation. They are both genius. Both grew up in middle class homes. And both rejected the notion of traditional education. The most striking similarity is how both express their creativity in previously unknown ways i.e. Kanye West’s 808’s and Heartbreak (2009). They are constantly being pressured to be creative and there is sometimes lack of acceptance and certainly the potential for Kanye to collapse under his genius. This is percisely what happened to Basquiat. Truly a gift and a curse.


Frank Ocean=Marcel Duchamp

Its not quite as easy for me to explain this one but Duchamp invented the concept of ready-mades, which is him making ordinary objects in art like an upside down urenal and bicycle wheel. Yes this is real. Frank has essentially done the same thing by taking pure human emotion and making it into art. He has illuminated the idea of being human (humanity) as beautiful.

Nude Deceasing a Staircase

Jay-Z=Paul Cezanne

The obvious connection is that both are the godfather’s of their respective realm. Kanye West & Pharrell Williams look to this guy as a mentor and they are each sold millions upon millions of records. While Cezanne of course mentored artist like Picasso & Matisse. Also Cezanne was an impressionist which, by definition, is someone who depicts life as it is. Jay-Z is the same way. His songs are about his life and the struggle of growing up in the projects in Brooklyn and now that he’s rich we get songs like “Niggaz in Paris”. Get it how you live…

The Card Players

to be continued…